Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And Then Her Hormones Began to Polka


Tall, Dark, and Cajun by Sandra Hill

Rachel Fortier, a thirty-something home design consultant, has had it with her fiancé. It's bad enough that he gave her a Thighmaster for Valentine's Day and a Butt Buster for her birthday, and that their seven-year engagement has no end in sight. But she just learned that he's had a vasectomy! Rachel packs up and heads south to meet her great-aunt Gizelle for the first time and take a few days to regroup. She imagines a Grandma Walton living in a picturesque house surrounded by wondrous nature. What she finds is a cabin on stilts deep in the bayous, with alligators and snakes the size of telephone poles. As for Aunt Gizelle, she's a former taxidermist who can outcreep Hannibal Lechter any day of the week.

And if that isn't enough to make a girl turn around and head right back to her ex, Gizelle is feuding with a Cajun bad boy -Remy LeDeux, a helicopter pilot and Air Force vet whose face is scarred from battle. Rene wants to buy a piece of property from Gizelle, but the feisty senior makes it clear she wants nothing to do with any LeDeux. But the moment Remy sees Rachel getting out of a red truck, it's love at first sight for the long-time bachelor, despite all the turmoil she brings into his life, with her ideas of Feng Shui-ing his houseboat and her ex chasing after her, not to mention her great-aunt threatening to shoot his heinie. But getting Rachel to say "I do" is worth it. After all, he's never met a woman before who looks at him like he's a Whitmans Sampler box and she's a chocoholic.

My Thoughts

This book was really fun and entertaining. It was fun watching Remy and Rachel trying to deny what they feel for each other. The Grandmas are hilarious, with all there interfering and just the way they contradict each other, by hating each other but then not hating each other. They make the book. Remy needs to learn that keeping secrets is a definite "NO," you can't build a relationship on secrets, it's better to be up front with them from the beginning. if they can't accept you for who you are then, oh well, you tried. But the end really made my day with "The Village People of the South" and with Remy coming out in a uniform, who can't resist a guy in a uniform. I know I can't.

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