Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Uncover the Truth

Alaskan Wolf by  Linda O. Johnston

When naturalist Mariah Garvey travels to the remote Alaska glacier region, she finds an abundance of beauty unparalleled in the Lower 48. The stark landscape, the vivid life force--and the powerful appeal of her rugged new guide, Patrick Worley.

For Patrick, the beautiful nature writer is an unwelcome distraction. His job at the Great Glacier Dog Ranch is only a cover for his classified work with Alpha Force. He is on a mission to uncover the truth behind a series of deadly explosions, and her presence hinders his ability to shape-shift and to hunt--as only a werewolf can. Even if he, too, feels an animal lust hot enough to melt the Alaskan ice, he knows their desire cannot be satisfied. Nor can it be denied.

My Thoughts

This book was okMariah through out this book, she was always asking question that always got on Patrick's nerves. Which served him right with not being able to tell her his secrets. I don't think I would read this book again, but I am glad that I read it.

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