Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jade loves her new apartment--until a ghost joins her in the shower.

Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase

When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life to get interesting. What she doesn't count on is making friends with an exotic dancer, attracting a powerful spirit, and developing feelings for Kane, her sexy landlord.

Being an empath has never been easy on Jade's relationships. It's no wonder she keeps her gift a secret. But when the ghost moves from spooking Jade to terrorizing Pyper, the dancer, it's up to Jade to use her unique ability to save her. Except she'll need Kane's help--and he's betrayed her with a secret of his own--to do it. Can she find a way to trust him and herself before Pyper is lost?

what becomes of the hapless heroine and her handsome hunk of a warlock!

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H. P. Mallory

Life isn't bad for psychic Jolie Wilkins. True, she doesn't have a love life to speak of, but she has a cute house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a cat and a quirky best friend.

Enter Rand Balfour, a sinfully attractive warlock who insists she's a witch and who just might turn her life upside down. Rand hires her to help him solve a mystery regarding the death of his client who also happens to be a ghost. Jolie not only uncovers the cause of the ghost's demise but, in the process, she brings him back to life!

Word of Jolie’s incredible ability to bring back the dead spreads like wildfire, putting her at the top of the underworld’s most wanted list. Consequently, she finds herself at the center of a custody battle between a villainous witch, a dangerous but oh-so-sexy vampire, and her warlock boss, Rand.

Get in, get it up and get gone.

Bewitching the Werewolf by Caroline Hanson

When witch for hire, Megan Stephens, is assigned to help the local werewolf pack leader find a mate, she thinks the job will be easy. Get in, get it up and get gone. But when she meets Zack Connor, she realizes her future might have a lot more dog jokes in it than she ever imagined.

Which lover will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other before they both are lost?

Honeymoon Bite by Sharon Hamilton

Anne caught her husband cheating with the maid of Honor before their wedding cake was cut. She decided to take her planned and paid for honeymoon in Tuscany, alone. On the evening of what was to be her wedding night, she gets bitten by a female vampire.

Marcus Monteleone has waited three hundred years to find his fated female, only to discover her dying in his arms. He saves Anne's life by turning her, and then works to gain her trust, to cope with being a newly-formed golden vampire.

But when Anne finds out Marcus has not been completely truthful about his past, she vows to live as a human, and shuns the vampire world. Alone and unprotected, she falls prey to the very villainess who took her human soul, and who now takes the only man she’s ever loved.

Which lover will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other before they both are lost?

an archaeologist must team up with the rakish thief who’s stolen both an ancient relic and her heart…

Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton

Oh, is he handsome. And charming. And sexy as all get out. Dr. Lisa Maxwell isn’t the type to go home with a guy she barely knows. But, hey, this is Italy and the red-blooded Rafe Sullivan seems much more enticing than cataloging a bunch of dusty artifacts.

After being fully seduced, Lisa wakes to an empty bed and, worse yet, an empty safe. She’s staked her career as an archaeologist on collecting the three Furies, a priceless set of ancient Greek reliefs. Now the one she had is gone. But Lisa won’t just get mad. She’ll get even.

She tracks Rafe to Florida, and finds the sparks between them blaze hotter than the Miami sun. He may still have her relic, but he’ll never find all three without her. And they’re not the only ones on the hunt. To beat the other treasure seekers, they’ll have to partner up—because suddenly Lisa and Rafe are in a race just to stay alive.

Mother, wife, private investigator...vampire.

Moon Dance by J. R. Rain

Mother, wife, private investigator...vampire. Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire.

Now the world at large thinks Samantha has developed a rare skin disease, a disease which forces her to quit her day job and stay out of the light of the sun. Now working the night shift as a private investigator, Samantha is hired by Kingsley Fulcrum to investigate the murder attempt on his life, a horrific scene captured on TV and seen around the country. But as the case unfolds, Samantha discovers Kingsley isn't exactly what he appears to be; after all, there is a reason why he survived five shots to the head.

An ancient god on a destructive path of vengeance...

The Dark God's Bride by Dahlia Lu

Imprisoned by the Archangel Lucifer ages ago, Summit, the Dark God, wanted nothing less than equivalent retribution. After breaking free and successfully retaining some splintered shards of his sanity, Summit set out to confront Lucifer. The Archangel was nowhere to be found. He has, however, left behind his most coveted mortal bride. The Dark God stormed into Hell to capture Lucifer's one and only weakness, but inadvertently abducted the wrong female - his own.

A reluctant heroine...

As a mortal raised among the demons inside a floating castle in Hell, Amara's life is not exactly what you would call normal. When she finds herself abducted by a half-mad god, who mistook her for the woman who brought her up, Amara chooses to hide her identity to protect her foster mother at the risk of her own life.

'There was no way in hell I was looking in the mirror.'

To Kill a Warlock by H. P. Mallory

The murder of a dark arts warlock. A shape-shifting, ravenous creature on the loose. A devilishly handsome stranger sent to investigate. Sometimes working law enforcement for the Netherworld is a real bitch.

Dulcie O’Neil is a fairy. And not the type to frolic in gardens. She’s a Regulator—a law-enforcement agent who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them from wreaking havoc in the mortal world. When a warlock is murdered and Dulcie was the last person to see him alive, she must uncover the truth before she’s either deported back to the Netherworld, or she becomes the next victim.

Enter Knight Vander, a sinfully attractive investigator sent from the Netherworld to work the case with Dulcie. Between battling her attraction to her self-appointed partner, keeping a sadomasochistic demon in check, and fending off the advances of a sexy and powerful vampire, Dulcie’s got her hands full. As the body count increases, Dulcie finds herself battling dark magic, reconnoitering in S&M clubs and suffering the greatest of all betrayals.

If Angels like the Celestra and Levatio really walk the Earth -- we are in good hands

Ethereal by Addison Moore

Sixteen-year-old, Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking. 

When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island, to a house that is rumored to be haunted, Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver, a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds.

Skyla discovers Logan holds the answers to the questions she’s been looking for, but Logan’s reluctance to give her the knowledge she desires leaves her believing Logan has a few secrets of his own. 

Skyla’s bloodlines may just be connected to the most powerful angelic beings that roam the earth, and the more she knows, the more danger she seems to be in. 

Suddenly an entire faction of earthbound angels wants her dead, at least she still has Logan, or does she?

'What would be the punishment this time?'

A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom

Selfish and gorgeous Greek God Triton is cast out of Olympus after seducing Zeus’ mistress and can only gain reentry if he finds a woman who loves him for his kindness and selflessness, not his beauty. When the mortal Sophia – recovering from an eye operation and virtually blind – needs a home healthcare worker, he takes on the role, hoping she will be his ticket home. 

While defending Sophia from an unknown adversary, Triton’s protective instinct emerges. At the same time rival Gods do everything to doom him to failure. And even if Triton can win Sophia’s love, will he throw it away to return home, or will he lose his own heart to the only woman who truly sees him? 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"My mind goes to some strange places sometimes."

Nocturnal by Chelsea M. Cameron

Seventeen-year-old Ava-Claire Sullivan's mother is dying. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that her greatest solace comes from someone who's already dead.

Peter Hart saves her one night in a graveyard from an attacker just as strange as he is, and now Ava can't stop thinking about him. She wants to see him again – even after he warns her he's dangerous, and she begins to realize what he is. Her best friends don't know anything about death, but Peter does, intimately. He's waiting for her the next night she comes to the cemetery, and the next...

But their growing bond comes up against a promise Peter made a long time ago, a promise that could destroy them both. Now Ava has to decide just what she's willing to give up to hold onto the one thing that could last forever.

My Thoughts

This book was good but weird. It was fast pace and it really kept you into the storyline. It had to be hard on Ava-Claire to be told that your mother is dying and that she doesn't have much longer to live. I don't know what I would have done if that would have happened to me. When she goes to the cemetery to get away, she meets Ivan and Peter. Ivan is mean and he strangles her to the point where she has bruises. Peter is a character, and I'm glad that he gave in and finally told Ava what he is. I was shocked that Ava took it so well and that she was OK with it. I did not like the "Mother" of Ivan and Peter one bit. I loved Ava's friends Tex and Jamie. Jamie is a really nice guy and that he is very protective of Ava and Tex, when they go to parties. Tex is obnoxious and fun, and I really like her, I would like her as one of my own friends if that were possible. I don't know if I would read this book again, but I am glad that I added it to the list of books that I have read.

Monday, August 20, 2012

To find her destiny, she must trust him with her life...and her heart.

Crux by Moira Rogers

Jackson Holt makes a decent living as a private investigator in New Orleans, home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States. He and his partners have never met a case they couldn't crack...until a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hire.

New Orleans is the fourth destination in as many months for Mackenzie Brooks, a woman on the run from a deranged stalker. After all, any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has more than a few screws loose. But crazy doesn't explain why he always finds her no matter how far she runs.

When her well-meaning boss puts a PI on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.

With time running out, she has no choice but to trust Jackson as he struggles to uncover the truth of her past-and her destiny.

My Thoughts

This book was really entertaining with the magic and the characters. I feel for Mackenzie because shes been on the run for how many months then all of a sudden she finds out that she is a were cougar. Jackson, Nick and the others try and push Mackenzie too far with what she is, they don't give her any breathing room. I like the character of Jackson, he's fun and witty. Mackenzie and Jackson make a really cute couple, but it has to be hard for Mackenzie to be a cougar while Jackson is a spell caster. Mahalia is a character. She is boss and everyone listens to her. I feel really bad when she loses Steven to his brother. Marcus seems bad since he is the one chasing Mackenzie for how many months, but when it comes to the end and realizes the truth, he has a change of heart. Charles is evil through and through. I'm glad in the end he gets whats coming to him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"I could never leave you, and I won't."

Mayfair Moon by J.A. Redmerski

After a nightmarish encounter with a werewolf, seventeen-year-old Adria Dawson loses her sister, but gains the love of a mysterious young man and his legendary family.

Strange and tragic things begin to happen in the small town of Hallowell, Maine: residents come down with an unexplainable ‘illness’ and some disappear. In the midst of everything, Isaac Mayfair is adamant about keeping Adria safe, even from her sister whom he has warned her to stay away from.

As unspeakable secrets unfold all around Adria, impossible choices become hers to bear. Ultimately, no matter what path she takes, her life and the lives of those she loves will be in peril. As she learns about the werewolf world she also learns why her place in it will change the destinies of many.

My Thoughts

OMG!! Couldn't put this book down, it was so good. I really loved the characters in this book. You could really picture what they look like and how they act like. I love Adria and how she doesn't act really immature like in some other YA books. Isaac and Adria's relationship is so adorable and I'm glad that Isaac finally told Adria how he feels about her. I love the paranormal and Redmerski really got it right with the whole werewolves and such. I hated Alex though. She was just too much for my liking and the crowd she hung out with. Harry and Zia are great characters and they just make the book all that much better. I loved this book and I know for a fact that I will be reading this book again. I can't wait to read the second book in the series. Gonna be good.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A warrior, a demon, and the girl next door. . .

Demon Hunting in Dixie by Lexi George

Addy Corwin is a florist with an attitude. A bad attitude, or so her mama says, 'cause she's not looking for a man. Mama's wrong. Addy has looked. There's just not much to choose from in Hannah, her small Alabama hometown. Until Brand Dalvahni shows up, a supernaturally sexy, breathtakingly well-built hunk of a warrior from—well, not from around here, that's for sure. Mama thinks he might be European or maybe even a Yankee. Brand says he's from another dimension.

Addy couldn't care less where he's from. He's gorgeous. Serious muscles. Disturbing green eyes. Brand really gets her going. Too bad he's a whack job. Says he's come to rescue her from a demon. Puh-lease. But right after Brand shows up, strange things start to happen. Dogs talk and reanimated corpses stalk the quiet streets of Hannah. Her mortal enemy Meredith, otherwise known as the Death Starr, breaks out in a severe and inexplicable case of butt boils. Addy might not know what's going on, but she definitely wants a certain sexy demon hunter by her side when it all goes down. . .

My Thoughts

This book was exciting and loads of entertainment. I love Brand and how he doesn't get the American Humor. He actually takes it  almost too literally and it cracks me up every time. Brand is sexy and dangerous at the same time and he is really good for Addy. Addy is fun and she really doesn't take any crap from anybody. She embraces her knew powers by using them on Death Starr, which I think was a wonderful idea. I really related to Evie because of the fact that she always seems to hide and doesn't really show her true self to people. The demons were great in this story compared to some other books that I have read in the past. I couldn't believe that Blondy would save Evie, but not bring her memory back when clearly they love each other. I'm really happy that Brand was able to come back and be with Addy. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

sexy, riveting, and unforgettable.?

Code Name: Nanny by Christina Skye

Forget about counterterrorism, organized crime, and money laundering. Female FBI agent Summer Mulcahey is about to enter the terrifying world of ballet classes, science tutorials, and carpooling.

After working six months straight on a hideous kidnapping case, all Summer Mulcahey wants is a serious dose of sun, surf, and sangria. Instead she gets her craziest assignment yet---going undercover as a nanny for the family of San Francisco's female DA, who's poised for a splashy, high-society wedding to the country's most popular senator.

My Thoughts

Really fun. The daughters are fun and entertaining. I feel sorry for Sophie because of the visions she sees. Cara and Tate are a cute couple and really are made for each other. When it comes to Summer and Gabe, how much more fun could you have. the are also trying to be the smarter, better person when really they are just showing off. Gabe is charming and fun, while Summer is a strong and independent. I can't believe all the drama that goes on and all the mystery. Also so many people employed by an enemy,that is trying to destroy Cara, that are in the thick of things, the cook and Tate's mom. Never saw it coming. I'm glad that it all worked out in the end. The Code series are great fun and can't wait to read more of them.

action, love, sadness, desolation, mistakes, mystery, bad guys...

The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

For eighteen year-old Gemma, life has never been normal. Up until recently, she has been incapable of feeling emotion. And when she's around Alex, the gorgeous new guy at school, she can feel electricity that makes her skin buzz. Not to mention the monsters that haunt her nightmares have crossed over into real-life. But with Alex seeming to hate her and secrets popping up everywhere, Gemma's life is turning into a chaotic mess. Things that shouldn't be real suddenly seem to exist. And as her world falls apart, figuring out the secrets of her past becomes a matter of life and death.

My Thoughts

I really wasn't a great fan of this book. Gemma seemed really immature and I just didn't like her all that well, but I felt bad for her because of the fact that she was told lies her whole life. That would be really tough on anybody. The character Alex was a jerk half the time, thinking he knows everything and he's the one that kept all the secrets from Gemma even though he really like her. How could he? And the ending, seriously, how can you just leave off like that. Another downfall in my book. Don't think I'll be reading this book again any time soon.

Danger as steamy as the bayou heat...

Lucky's Lady by Tami Hoag

A story of a psychologist Serena Sheridan, who has come back to the small Louisiana town where she'd been raised --- and where her grandfather has suddenly gone missing. Successful, ambitious, beautiful, Serena always found the darker world of the bayous far less predictable --- and far more treacherous --- than the life she'd chosen.

And for help, she must turn to a man as mysterious and dangerous as the backcountry itself: Lucky Doucet. He's a man with a past littered with secrets best left concealed --- the perfect guide to lead Serena into a world of dazzling seduction, sudden violence, and raw natural beauty. From the exotic French Quarter to the most remote bayou, they would follow a trail of corruption and betrayal to a showdown that would require they trust not only their own deepest instincts for survival --- but each other.

My Thoughts

This book was great really kept me at the edge of my seat. Really enjoyed the southern culture. I can't believe Shelby though, her own sister she is trying to destroy. I admire Serena so much for the fact that she makes it through everything bad that happens to her. Lucky is another story. He's really a caveman in many ways, but I'm glad that he has some good qualities about him like his painting. I'm glad he finally took the next step and got in contact with a gallery for his paintings. Lucky and Serena are really great for each other even though it may not seem like it half the time during this book. I could most definitely read this book again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

London's most talented criminal is about to be fingered...

Touch of a Thief by Mia Marlowe

Lady Viola Preston can relieve a gentleman of the studs at his wrists without his being any the wiser and pick any lock devised by man in less than a minute. But she's careful to wear gloves when she steals jewels. Because when Viola touches a gemstone, it "speaks" to her, sending disturbing visions--visions almost as unsettling as the sight of the cool-eyed stranger who catches her red handed.

Now Viola will only be stealing at Greydon Quinn's behest. And even more daunting than the violent history of the red diamond he's after is the prospect of a night in the devastatingly handsome lieutenant's arms. Touch has always been Viola's weakness and the full body-to-body contact Quinn has in mind is about to shatter her defenses and set her senses reeling.

My Thoughts

I could re-read this book in a heart beat, it's that good. I really like the character of Viola because she doesn't lower herself to become a prostitute, but becomes a thief instead to help her family. The cousin of Viola had no right to not support his own family, just because the Earl didn't sire a son. Quinn is another matter because I like him, but at the same time I didn't like him until closer to the end. Viola and Quinn have so much sexual tension between them that even Sanjay can tell. Now when it comes to Sanjay, I really like him, he's witty and fun. He's not afraid to speak his mind to Quinn even though he is a prince. The whole thing with Viola being able to touch a jewel and be able to hear it and see visions is a little far fetched for me, but it is different. I'm glad that Quinn and Viola were able to work out their problems and except them for each other as they are.

Can love find a way to flourish among the secrets and deception?

The Deception by Catherine Coutler

The Deception first appeared in April 1983 as a Signet Regency with the title An Intimate Deception. I've completely rewritten the story so that it's now a full-bodied historical romance. It has a brand-new beginning and a brand-new ending, and I've improved everything in-between to make it richer, bolder, mor fun, and more adventurous.

The Duke of Portsmouth offers an impecunious half-French relative a job as his young son's nanny. What he quickly discovers is that he wants her, badly. What he discovers far more slowly is that she isn't at all what she seems.

Evangeline de Beauchamps is in way over her head. She has far more to cope with than a nineteen-year-old virgin should ever have. To top it all off, she must play an experienced widow with a man who knows women as well as he knows his horses, or so he thinks.

You'll see Phillip and Sabrina Mercerault from The Offer and hear more about the famous cat races of southern England.

My Thoughts

This book was definitely a page turner. I thought Eve was for sure going to give herself away. The Duke is too randy for his own good. I really liked the son of the Duke. He's adorable and how he tries and acts like his father and he pulls it off really well is also adorable. I'm glad that the secrets finally come out and that it doesn't change how they feel for each other. Hey still love each other and I'm really glad. I could read this book again just for the fact that it's really exciting and fun.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nothing's sexier than a man who can keep a secret.

Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

A typical bachelor party is all about beers and beautiful women. A vampire bachelor party is no different—except the men are drinking Blissky (whiskey-flavored synthetic blood). And no one can throw a party quite like Jack, the illegitimate son of the legendary Casanova. But when the party gets out of hand, and the cops show up, Jack has some explaining to do...if only he wasn't struck speechless by the beauty of Officer Lara Boucher.

Lara is sure there's something more than a bachelor party going on. What is Jack hiding? And why is he so interested in the recent disappearance of young women all over town? Her investigation uncovers more than she wants to know, especially about this modern-day Casanova. But if she's ever to make detective, she'll need to expose all his secrets...if only her heart wasn't on the line.

My Thoughts

I couldn't put this book down, it was so good. I love the fact that Jack can't read or control Lara's mind. She is free to do what she wants without being afraid of being influenced. Jack's friend are really funny, because every time one of them meets Lara, they always say "I heard about you." Lara is really smart and I love her for that, that she is able to put two-and-two together and figure out who he is. I felt really bad for Jack when Lara rejected him, but at the same time I'm glad she did because you can't have a relationship or even trust if you have secrets. Apollo can go somewhere because there is no reason why he has to brainwash and kidnap women just because he wants to get laid and feed. Seriously be a man and do it right. I'm for sure going to have to read other books by Sparks to see what happens to Jack's friends and what happens with him. I for sure could read this book again and still enjoy it.

What could be more fun than the Napoleonic wars - with dragons?

His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

Aerial combat brings a thrilling new dimension to the Napoleonic Wars as valiant warriors rise to Britain’s defense by taking to the skies . . . not aboard aircraft but atop the mighty backs of fighting dragons.

When HMS Reliant captures a French frigate and seizes its precious cargo, an unhatched dragon egg, fate sweeps Capt. Will Laurence from his seafaring life into an uncertain future–and an unexpected kinship with a most extraordinary creature. Thrust into the rarified world of the Aerial Corps as master of the dragon Temeraire, he will face a crash course in the daring tactics of airborne battle. For as France’s own dragon-borne forces rally to breach British soil in Bonaparte’s boldest gambit, Laurence and Temeraire must soar into their own baptism of fire.

My Thoughts

This book was good. I really liked that the dragon, Temeraire, has a mind of his own and his loyalty to Captian Laurence. Some aspects of this book were really unrealistic and hard to picture especially with the the Corps jumping between dragons and being harnessed to them. I know it's Fantasy but still it doesn't hurt to add some realitic points to the storyline. All the dragons of the Aerial Corps are really fun and intresting. Sometimes I think Temeraire is too smart for his own good. I really like that in the Aerial Corps, that they accept women into their ranks. I don't know if I would read this book again, but I am glad that I have read it, and is able to put it on my books read list.

no worlds to save, no evil overlords to defeat, no magical sword

Changing Fate by Elisabeth Waters

Akila uses her wits and her shape-changing abilities to save her brother Briam when their home is besieged. But that leaves them both on the run, with Akila trying to keep them safe, while Briam finds more trouble to get into. When he is chosen as year-king in the city of Diadem, Akila struggles to save his life, finding help in the most unexpected places

My Thoughts

I have to say this book was not a favorite and I know for a fact I don't think I'm going to re-read this book anytime soon. I thought the book really strange and weird. Don't get me wrong some parts were good, like the ending. I just don't get the whole deal with the queen bedding a random guy and then turning out to be the king, but he's only king for 4 months and then the queen kills him. Seriously, I think the Queen has some issues to work out. That was really a major turn off when I was reading this book.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An extraordinary game of seduction begins. . . .

To Pleasure a Lady by Nicole Jordan

Nicole Jordan spins a delectable tale of wit and exquisite sensuality in this mesmerizing Regency romance, the captivating first in a dazzling new trilogy, The Courtship Wars.

Marcus Pierce, a strikingly handsome aristocrat with a wicked reputation, inherits guardianship of Arabella Loring and her two younger sisters–and immediately declares his intention to marry them off. But gorgeously defiant Arabella sparks frustration–and something deeply erotic–in Marcus. After matching both wits and swords with her, Marcus concludes that this beautiful and formidable foe must be his.

Having sworn off marriage and men, Arabella wishes to be left alone to run her finishing school for young ladies. To that end, she boldly accepts Marcus’s intimate challenge: If he can woo and win her within two weeks, she’ll take her place in his bed as his wife. However, if she can resist his considerable charms, the Loring sisters will be granted their independence. Thus an extraordinary game of seduction begins. . . .

My Thoughts

This is my second time reading this book and I still enjoyed it immensely. I love Marcus's determination to win their wager but he could try more social settings than intimate settings. I feel for Arabella and her sisters. It would be really hard to suffer just because of what your parents have done in the past. I greatly disagree with having mistresses and especially married ones. If I lived in that time there would be no way my suitor or husband would even think about taking a mistress. I can't believe women of the upper class will look the other way. But when it comes to Arabella's mother, I understand why she would have wanted to take a lover. I wouldn't have forgave the mother as quickly as the Loring sisters have, but I guess you can't have everything you want to happen in a book you didn't write it. I'm really glad that each person was able to find love and be happy. I would definitely read this book again in the future just for a good laugh and the entertainment.

A Desperate Search Begins…

DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul

One Dragon Egg Holds the Key to the Future.

Once a slave, Kale is given the unexpected opportunity to become a servant to Paladin. Yet this young girl has much to learn about the difference between slavery and service.

A Desperate Search Begins…

A small band of Paladin’s servants rescue Kale from danger but turn her from her destination: The Hall, where she was to be trained. Feeling afraid and unprepared, Kale embarks on a perilous quest to find the meech dragon egg stolen by the foul Wizard Risto. First, she and her comrades must find Wizard Fenworth. But their journey is threatened when a key member of the party is captured, leaving the remaining companions to find Fenworth, attempt an impossible rescue, and recover the egg whose true value they have not begun to suspect…

Weaving together memorable characters, daring adventure, and a core of eternal truth, Dragonspell is a finely crafted and welcome addition to the corpus of fantasy fiction.

My Thoughts

I loved the quest feature in this book. A slave, Kale, finds herself swept into this quest when she never asked for it. The characters are very interesting, my favorite character would half to be Dar. I like his big brother attitude. Wizard Fenworth is crazy but yet really smart. I really didn't like Leetu at the beginning but she kinda grew on me towards the end. I think it would be really neat to have pet dragons such as Metta and Gymn. They seem really adorable the way the author portrays them compared to other dragon stories I have read. I really enjoyed this book.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Power. Glory. Honor. Reliability. Trust. Strength.

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by

Friday, July 27, 2012

“Together we lifted our feet and stepped into the unknown.”

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

"It begins with absence and desire
It begins with blood and fear
It begins with a discovery of witches."

Deborah Harkness exploded onto the literary scene with her debut novel, A Discovery of Witches, Book One of the magical All Souls Trilogy and an international publishing phenomenon. The novel introduced Diana Bishop, Oxford scholar and reluctant witch, and the handsome geneticist and vampire Matthew Clairmont; together they found themselves at the center of a supernatural battle over an enchanted manuscript known as Ashmole 782.

Now, picking up from A Discovery of Witches’ cliffhanger ending, Shadow of Night plunges Diana and Matthew into Elizabethan London, a world of spies, subterfuge, and a coterie of Matthew’s old friends, the mysterious School of Night that includes Christopher Marlowe and Walter Raleigh. Here, Diana must locate a witch to tutor her in magic, Matthew is forced to confront a past he thought he had put to rest, and the mystery of Ashmole 782 deepens.

My Thoughts

OMG!! I loved this book. I'm in love with this series. Really can't wait for the third book to come out. I love Matthew and Diana. I'm so glad they were able to work out all their secrets and able to still love at each other even when they went back in time. I really couldn't stand Kit, he needs to get over himself. Phillipe, Matthew's dad, was really a great character, I really like him. I was very happy to see that he finally accepted Diana as she is and offers his protection for her. I really don't get the whole science aspect but I really enjoyed the history value. I'm really glad Diana is able to finally figure out who she is and accepts her firedrake, Matthew is the same way where he thinks he needs to find the Ashmole 782 to find out who he is but all he needs to do is look inside himself. I definitely could read this series again and I plan on it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"A Tow?" "Are You Mad? Who Needs a Tow?"

Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey

In a world where infants with magical powers are torn from their parents to be raised by the mysterious and powerful Danisoba, who have a monopoly on magic, Kestrel has managed to keep her abilities concealed—and herself free. First hiding in back alleys as a street urchin, she hid when they killed her parents, and then served as a young tavern maid before escaping to sea, where magic is cancelled by water.
Now an adult, as the quartermaster of a pirate ship, Kestrel loves the freedom of living on the seas. But her way of life could end if anyone on board learns her closely guarded secret—that she has magical control over the wind.
One day a black ship appears, and her life changes. Its captain is a handsome rogue of whom Kestrel is strangely, constantly aware.
When Kestrel’s captain is led into a trap and is arrested, she gathers her crew and sets sail in relentless pursuit. . . .

My Thoughts
This book was a fast and entertaining read. It really kept me on my toes. The outcome you thought was going to happen ended up being completely different. I really admire Kestrel when she takes the Thanos in her own hands and is going to rescue her captain. Binns shouldn't have kept all those secrets from Kestrel, if he trusted her like he said then there would be no reason to be not told the truth. I don't know if I was Kestrel, it would be awfully hard to forgive Binns for the secrets he kept. The character McAvery is something else. I really didn't like him at the beginning but when the end came he didn't turn out too badly. I just wonder how if there was a next book, what would Kestrel and McAvery be like and how Kestrel is getting on with her new position. Great read all around.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A navy SEAL + hot chef + military secrets = A Whole Lot of Trouble

Code Name: Bikini by Christina Skye

Ex-cop Gina Ryan traded in her Smith & Wesson to follow a dream. Now she's creating decadent desserts aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean. But a gorgeous passenger is about to send her perfect world up in smoke.--
Trace O'Halloran is a hard-edged navy SEAL, under strict orders to take some high seas R & R. There's a shipload of women in bikinis eager to help him unwind, so why can't he take his mind off the stubborn pastry chef with an attitude the size of Montana?
When a dangerous assassin from Trace's past appears, Gina and Trace must join forces to save the ship's guests. The clock's ticking, and they'll need every weapon at hand-- from body armor to chocolate ganache.

My Thoughts

This book was an exciting read. I really liked the characters, Trace and Gina, they do everything to not realize the strong attraction between each other. What are the odds that they are on the same cruise with Trace's enemy? Trace is too controlling for his own good, I know it goes with the job, but still. Layoff of Gina, she's just trying to help out. I can't believe Blaine though, she needs to go somewhere not nice. I never liked her from the moment she was introduced in the book. I would definitely read this book again and I also will definitely read other books by Christina Skye in this series.

Uncover the Truth

Alaskan Wolf by  Linda O. Johnston

When naturalist Mariah Garvey travels to the remote Alaska glacier region, she finds an abundance of beauty unparalleled in the Lower 48. The stark landscape, the vivid life force--and the powerful appeal of her rugged new guide, Patrick Worley.

For Patrick, the beautiful nature writer is an unwelcome distraction. His job at the Great Glacier Dog Ranch is only a cover for his classified work with Alpha Force. He is on a mission to uncover the truth behind a series of deadly explosions, and her presence hinders his ability to shape-shift and to hunt--as only a werewolf can. Even if he, too, feels an animal lust hot enough to melt the Alaskan ice, he knows their desire cannot be satisfied. Nor can it be denied.

My Thoughts

This book was okMariah through out this book, she was always asking question that always got on Patrick's nerves. Which served him right with not being able to tell her his secrets. I don't think I would read this book again, but I am glad that I read it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"I think we've just been caught."

Burning Wild by Christine Feehan

Bred by capricious parents for his innate leopard-shifting abilities, billionaire Jake Bannaconni has spent his life in an emotional vacuum – especially after a tragic twist of fate left him to raise his infant son alone. But when his path crosses that of an enigmatic young woman, Jake’s life takes a detour he never fathomed.

There is something irresistible about Emma Reynolds – something Jake can’t live without. Hiring her as his son’s nanny will keep her close. And warm. And under watch. She’s the first human to stir something in Jake, something he’s never felt before. But Emma may not be at all what she seems. And what’s raging between them is pure animal instinct – out of control, burning wild and as hot as the lick of a flame.

My Thoughts

I've read this book at least two time and I still love it. Jake and Emma are a very cute couple and their kids are adorable. I can't believe how the "enemies" treat Jake and Emma. Even when Jake was a child and his parents beat on him and killed his nanny in front of him.. seriously not right. Emma doesn''t belong to them she belongs to Jake. Emma really finds a backbone with living with Jake and his controlling ways. There's no way I would have been able to. It's really neat getting to get a feel for what a leopard thinks and acts like. Love the combination between the two. In the end I'm really glad that Jake finally was able to find and feel love with Emma. Overall, a really great book, just might have to read it again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And Then Her Hormones Began to Polka


Tall, Dark, and Cajun by Sandra Hill

Rachel Fortier, a thirty-something home design consultant, has had it with her fiancé. It's bad enough that he gave her a Thighmaster for Valentine's Day and a Butt Buster for her birthday, and that their seven-year engagement has no end in sight. But she just learned that he's had a vasectomy! Rachel packs up and heads south to meet her great-aunt Gizelle for the first time and take a few days to regroup. She imagines a Grandma Walton living in a picturesque house surrounded by wondrous nature. What she finds is a cabin on stilts deep in the bayous, with alligators and snakes the size of telephone poles. As for Aunt Gizelle, she's a former taxidermist who can outcreep Hannibal Lechter any day of the week.

And if that isn't enough to make a girl turn around and head right back to her ex, Gizelle is feuding with a Cajun bad boy -Remy LeDeux, a helicopter pilot and Air Force vet whose face is scarred from battle. Rene wants to buy a piece of property from Gizelle, but the feisty senior makes it clear she wants nothing to do with any LeDeux. But the moment Remy sees Rachel getting out of a red truck, it's love at first sight for the long-time bachelor, despite all the turmoil she brings into his life, with her ideas of Feng Shui-ing his houseboat and her ex chasing after her, not to mention her great-aunt threatening to shoot his heinie. But getting Rachel to say "I do" is worth it. After all, he's never met a woman before who looks at him like he's a Whitmans Sampler box and she's a chocoholic.

My Thoughts

This book was really fun and entertaining. It was fun watching Remy and Rachel trying to deny what they feel for each other. The Grandmas are hilarious, with all there interfering and just the way they contradict each other, by hating each other but then not hating each other. They make the book. Remy needs to learn that keeping secrets is a definite "NO," you can't build a relationship on secrets, it's better to be up front with them from the beginning. if they can't accept you for who you are then, oh well, you tried. But the end really made my day with "The Village People of the South" and with Remy coming out in a uniform, who can't resist a guy in a uniform. I know I can't.

"We have uteruses-they give us magic color sense."

Playing Dirty by Susan Anderson

When old enemies are thrown together, all bets are off…

Way back in high school, golden boy Cade Gallari publicly revealed he'd slept with "fat girl" Ava Spencer to win a bet. Now a decade older and a head turner with her own concierge business, Ava isn't the gullible dreamer she once was— and she plans to prove it when Cade, hotter than ever, breezes back into town with an offer she can't refuse.

A documentary film producer, Cade is shooting a movie about the mysterious mansion Ava inherited. And he wants her as his personal concierge. She's certainly professional enough to be at his beck and call without giving him everything he wants. Like another shot at having her in his bed. But Ava doesn't count on Cade's determination. Because he's never gotten over her— and he's not above playing dirty to score a second chance at a red–hot future.

My Thoughts

This book was amazing. I could definitely read it again. There were a lot of ups and downs between the two main characters, Cade and Ava. If I was in Ava's position there would be know way I would have forgiven him that fast, I would at least have made him work for it. I'm glad that Ava is happy the way her body is and she doesn't let her mom control her life and weight. I'm really happy that in the end that it all worked out for Cade and Ava.