Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can love find a way to flourish among the secrets and deception?

The Deception by Catherine Coutler

The Deception first appeared in April 1983 as a Signet Regency with the title An Intimate Deception. I've completely rewritten the story so that it's now a full-bodied historical romance. It has a brand-new beginning and a brand-new ending, and I've improved everything in-between to make it richer, bolder, mor fun, and more adventurous.

The Duke of Portsmouth offers an impecunious half-French relative a job as his young son's nanny. What he quickly discovers is that he wants her, badly. What he discovers far more slowly is that she isn't at all what she seems.

Evangeline de Beauchamps is in way over her head. She has far more to cope with than a nineteen-year-old virgin should ever have. To top it all off, she must play an experienced widow with a man who knows women as well as he knows his horses, or so he thinks.

You'll see Phillip and Sabrina Mercerault from The Offer and hear more about the famous cat races of southern England.

My Thoughts

This book was definitely a page turner. I thought Eve was for sure going to give herself away. The Duke is too randy for his own good. I really liked the son of the Duke. He's adorable and how he tries and acts like his father and he pulls it off really well is also adorable. I'm glad that the secrets finally come out and that it doesn't change how they feel for each other. Hey still love each other and I'm really glad. I could read this book again just for the fact that it's really exciting and fun.

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