Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"My mind goes to some strange places sometimes."

Nocturnal by Chelsea M. Cameron

Seventeen-year-old Ava-Claire Sullivan's mother is dying. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that her greatest solace comes from someone who's already dead.

Peter Hart saves her one night in a graveyard from an attacker just as strange as he is, and now Ava can't stop thinking about him. She wants to see him again – even after he warns her he's dangerous, and she begins to realize what he is. Her best friends don't know anything about death, but Peter does, intimately. He's waiting for her the next night she comes to the cemetery, and the next...

But their growing bond comes up against a promise Peter made a long time ago, a promise that could destroy them both. Now Ava has to decide just what she's willing to give up to hold onto the one thing that could last forever.

My Thoughts

This book was good but weird. It was fast pace and it really kept you into the storyline. It had to be hard on Ava-Claire to be told that your mother is dying and that she doesn't have much longer to live. I don't know what I would have done if that would have happened to me. When she goes to the cemetery to get away, she meets Ivan and Peter. Ivan is mean and he strangles her to the point where she has bruises. Peter is a character, and I'm glad that he gave in and finally told Ava what he is. I was shocked that Ava took it so well and that she was OK with it. I did not like the "Mother" of Ivan and Peter one bit. I loved Ava's friends Tex and Jamie. Jamie is a really nice guy and that he is very protective of Ava and Tex, when they go to parties. Tex is obnoxious and fun, and I really like her, I would like her as one of my own friends if that were possible. I don't know if I would read this book again, but I am glad that I added it to the list of books that I have read.

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