Friday, August 3, 2012

no worlds to save, no evil overlords to defeat, no magical sword

Changing Fate by Elisabeth Waters

Akila uses her wits and her shape-changing abilities to save her brother Briam when their home is besieged. But that leaves them both on the run, with Akila trying to keep them safe, while Briam finds more trouble to get into. When he is chosen as year-king in the city of Diadem, Akila struggles to save his life, finding help in the most unexpected places

My Thoughts

I have to say this book was not a favorite and I know for a fact I don't think I'm going to re-read this book anytime soon. I thought the book really strange and weird. Don't get me wrong some parts were good, like the ending. I just don't get the whole deal with the queen bedding a random guy and then turning out to be the king, but he's only king for 4 months and then the queen kills him. Seriously, I think the Queen has some issues to work out. That was really a major turn off when I was reading this book.

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