Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An extraordinary game of seduction begins. . . .

To Pleasure a Lady by Nicole Jordan

Nicole Jordan spins a delectable tale of wit and exquisite sensuality in this mesmerizing Regency romance, the captivating first in a dazzling new trilogy, The Courtship Wars.

Marcus Pierce, a strikingly handsome aristocrat with a wicked reputation, inherits guardianship of Arabella Loring and her two younger sisters–and immediately declares his intention to marry them off. But gorgeously defiant Arabella sparks frustration–and something deeply erotic–in Marcus. After matching both wits and swords with her, Marcus concludes that this beautiful and formidable foe must be his.

Having sworn off marriage and men, Arabella wishes to be left alone to run her finishing school for young ladies. To that end, she boldly accepts Marcus’s intimate challenge: If he can woo and win her within two weeks, she’ll take her place in his bed as his wife. However, if she can resist his considerable charms, the Loring sisters will be granted their independence. Thus an extraordinary game of seduction begins. . . .

My Thoughts

This is my second time reading this book and I still enjoyed it immensely. I love Marcus's determination to win their wager but he could try more social settings than intimate settings. I feel for Arabella and her sisters. It would be really hard to suffer just because of what your parents have done in the past. I greatly disagree with having mistresses and especially married ones. If I lived in that time there would be no way my suitor or husband would even think about taking a mistress. I can't believe women of the upper class will look the other way. But when it comes to Arabella's mother, I understand why she would have wanted to take a lover. I wouldn't have forgave the mother as quickly as the Loring sisters have, but I guess you can't have everything you want to happen in a book you didn't write it. I'm really glad that each person was able to find love and be happy. I would definitely read this book again in the future just for a good laugh and the entertainment.

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